A Naval Officer takes a long strange trip to the Desert.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Take a good look, and keep your eyes open.

Hey Gang,
Like the title says, Take a good look at this asshole, and keep an eye out. He's an Islamic Fascist(that's right, I said it!) who apparently wants to be the next Mohammed Atta. (if you pink-O Libs don't remember who he is, then look it up!) The FBI is looking for him, which I ordinarily wouldn't worry too much about, except I've been seeing him mentioned a LOT! Also, there is a 5 million dollar reward for information on this scumbag. Just think of it like playing the lottery!
Also, I read the best quote the other day! It was in a story about the fallout from the supposedly anti-islamic comments made by the Pope. The quote is from a woman named Tasnim Aslan. All I know about her is that she is a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan.
Get this:

"Anyone who describes Islam as a religion, as intolerant, encourages violence."

Wow! Such Incite! I get it! Describing those gradeschool bullies as being "mean" is why they beat up us small kids! They weren't the violent, neglected, maladjusted product of broken homes and incarcerated, drug-addicted parents, they were just trying to save us from the Great Satan. I have been so wrong all these years! Allah, Please forgive me!
I have to tell you, friends, it's shit like this that makes writing a blog so very, very enjoyable. Hell, with people like Tasnim around, these things practicality write themselves.
By the way, kudos to my sister for finally getting an email account. Before she knows it, she'll be blogging her little heart out, too!
There isn't much to report from around here. It's quiet, and the weather has been wonderful! The mornings and evenings feel like southern California. It gets a little hot during the day, but nothing like it had been for the last couple months.
I highly recommend that everyone take a few minutes, visit the FBI website, and take a quick read through the list of most wanted terrorists and other "people" wanted for information.
Here are the links:
BTW, It would be an awful shame if any of these known terrorists could lawyer up and file lawsuits against Americans in American courts, wouldn't it?
Take care, gang.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Combat Checklist:

Interceptor Body Armor: Check
Kevlar Helmet: Check
Ballistic eye protection: Check
M-16 properly cleaned and oiled: Check
Combat load of M-16 ammunition: Check
Pocket full of “Hooah” Bars: Check
Bottled water: Check
50 Caliber Machine gun: Locked and Loaded!
Book about Pirates: Uhh...Check.

The Army guys sometimes like to stage their HumVees along the sidewalk outside of our office. I was walking by them on my way to lunch one day and saw this guy chillin’ out in his turret, I couldn’t resist taking his picture. I would guess that these guys don’t waste their down time. Now I can’t help asking myself, if I was a turret gunner on a HumVee, what would I bring along to read? Hmm…Martha Stewart Shooting? Better Hooches and Gardens? No, I’d probably just bring a Penthouse…

Monday, September 11, 2006

Let them eat cake.

Hey gang,
I hope everyone has a safe and quiet 9/11.
We're doing pretty well around here. Today was quiet, most days are...
The guys at the dining hall made us this masterpiece. It must have taken them a hell of a long time, too. Judging from the rest of the food, that is, because dinner sucked.
I hear that ABC sacrificed their first amendment rights to the DNC and edited their little "Docu-drama". What a shame.
Someone needs to write me back and tell me what they thought of it. I'm anxious to hear some opinion on the matter.
It's late and I want to get to a movie, so I'm going to cut it short.
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hey Gang!
I'm back from my boredom induced coma, and boy is today a SPECIAL day!
Today I have officially reached the three month mark! That's right! 25% complete!
Now, I realize that that doesn't sound all that exciting to you guys. After all, the last three months for you guys weren't realy any different from the three months before that. And while the next three months are the begining of the holliday season, they probably aren't much different from the same period last year, or even the year before that. To me, however, the last three months were spent doing incredible and interesting things that I never want to do again. Now, I will be the first to admit that I don't have it rough at all, and that if ever a "soldier" could be a tourist, then, By God, I AM that soldier!
Seriously, there are a couple of people I feel I need to mention, seeing that this is kind of a milestone for me. The first is a very nice woman I met this last week. Her name is Brenda, and she is a civilian, working here for one of the defense contractors. She is from Houston and has three grown kids. Brenda has been here for THREE YEARS! By choice, I might ad. We also have another computer contractor, named Demi, who has been here even longer!
Kind of makes you apperciate the sacrifice of others, doesn't it?
You also have to ask yourself, how much would they have to pay me, to get me to go and do even a computer job, for that length of time? I'm thinking of a number between 150 and 200,000...per year of course.
Anyway, it's time for the three month situation report.
Let's see, I haven't had a cigarette in almost three months.
I am working out 4 or 5 times a week.
I'm saving lots of cash.
I'm tollerating the boredom without resorting to any Jack Nickolson "The Shining" type of issues.
I think I can call the last three months a success...
I hope the next three go just as well.
Thanks for hanging with me!