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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hey Gang,
I am in need of some musical advice.
The playlist on my ipod is getting a little tired, and I need some fresh tunes.
I am open to any and all ideas.

This is what the playlist looks like now:
U2 "Vertigo"
Elvis Presley "A little less conversation"
Madonna "Ray of Light"
Peter Gabriel "Solsbury Hill"
George Thorogood "Who do you love"
Beck "E-Pro"
Beck "Black Tamborine"
Cake "I will survive"
Cake "Sheep go to heaven"
Dirty Vegas "Days go by"
Joe Cocker "Feelin' Alright"
Lenny Kravitz "Are you going to go my way"
Los Lobos "I got loaded"
Steppenwolf "Majic Carpet Ride"
The White Stripes "You're Pretty Good Lookin"
The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"

The only requirement is that it has to have a nice bass line, suitable for running.
Fire away.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Pigs fly at Time magazine.

On a long enough time line, even the most improbable of events, becomes a certainty.
Don't be fooled, the Iranians are trying as hard as they can to stoke the flames of an otherwise forgotten conflict, which has been relegated to a simmer for the better part of 25 years.
But make no mistake,
The tanks will start rollin',
The bombs will start fallin',
and Rosie the peachfish eatin', loud mouth pain in the ass, will be blathering on and on and on about what bad people we are and how we started it with no provocation what so ever, and those poor Iranians never did anything to anyone!
And while the Iranian chickens are coming home to roost, you will never, EVER, see this story mentioned by the main stream media again.
Take a good look now, while you still can.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Don't be a Gaza-head!

Hey Freaks,

It’s been a really interesting week here in the old IZ, and it’s only half over.
I’ll have more on that a little later.
I would like to take a moment to reflect upon the happenings in the Gaza Strip. It would seem that a “levee-like” structure or two collapsed/failed and allowed the contents therein to flood the town and kill at least 5 people. (there is something vaguely familiar about this story…but I just can’t place it) Making the event even more gruesome is the unfortunate fact that the “levee-like” structures were holding back a lake of sewage.
Ick. Totally Ick!
The following is from an Associated (with terrorists) Press article:

“The collapse early Tuesday sent a wave of sewage into the village, killing two
women in their 70s, two toddlers and a teenage girl, and injuring 35 others,
hospital officials said. Abu Shamalha said nearly 100 homes had been

There is definitely something familiar about this! I just can’t place it…someone help me here…this reminds me of something and I just can’t remember what!
The AP continues,

“John Ging, head of the U.N. agency responsible for Palestinian refugees in Gaza, warned of a larger spill if a new sewage plant isn't built quickly.”

So, in other words, the people in Gaza not already drowned or covered in poo have officially been warned. I am certain that the residents of Gaza are at this very moment taking decisive action to remove themselves from the affected area.

"The real threat now comes from another facility up there which is equally
overloaded, except that this time it's one and a half million cubic meters of
waste water and sewage that could spill out into the area and cause an even
bigger disaster," Ging said.

Just imagine it, one and a half MILLION cubic meters of waste water and sewage, all coming at you at once! That’s like a hurricane-force wave of POO!
Wait a minute! I think I remember now! That’s it! This is New Orleans, and that bitch Katrina, and the crappy levees…and George W Bush! Damn him all to hell! I can’t believe he would stoop to this level again! Blowing up a sewage plant and killing all those innocent people! Damn you W!!! Damn you Karl Rove!!!

The AP continues:

“Though international sanctions against the Palestinian Authority have frozen some sewage projects, those measures did not appear to have affected the facility near Umm Naser. Gaza City's mayor, Majid Abu Ramadan, blamed the collapse on local people digging dirt from an earthen embankment around the structure and selling it to building contractors for $70 a truckload.”

Oops…sorry. I guess “W” wasn’t actually to blame for this one…my bad…

OK, all joking aside, this is a great example of what happens when you cross the line between individuals and groups. An individual, assuming rationality and some understanding of causality, knows better than to undermine the foundation of his own home, happiness, and livelihood. “People”, on the other hand (and as the Mayor clearly implies) will often act in concert to achieve results that can only be characterizes as “crappy”.
I had a wonderful history teacher once, who defined maturity this way:
“Maturity is putting off momentary gratification for long range goals.”
Sort of like doing without a quick buck in order to actually build your town into something better than it currently is. The really ironic thing is that these people apparently flooded their town with poo in order to help build up someone else’s town. (Also, lets be honest, the only long range goal these people have is destroying someone elses home, specifically the jooooooosss.)

Perhaps now that people have died, the people of Gaza will understand the consequences of their actions. Maybe they will realize that putting those paltry few dollars in their pockets just wasn’t worth it. Maybe they will realize that not only was it not worth it, but it was their action, and their action alone, that was directly responsible for the destruction of their town. Maybe, just maybe, they will have matured.
Who am I kidding, they’ll still blame Bush!

In the end, the blame has to be shared with those individuals that allowed the digging to take place. I mean, morons are morons and should be dealt with as such, but to see destructive behavior taking place and ignore it should also be criminal.
(slight pause to consider the U.S. Congress and the insolvency of virtually every social program since FDR.) Surely there have to be a few relatively smart people around who saw what was happening and accepted the responsibility to stop it.
Where would we be as a society if we just sat idly by and allowed the destructive actions of others to slowly erode the foundations of our society? As luck would have it, we really won’t be waiting all that long to find out. The clock is ticking, and the structural integrity of the levees marked “Social Security”,” Medicare”, and “Medicaid” become weaker every year. We as taxpayers continue to allow greedy, rent-seeking politicians to scoop out the foundations of our fiscal solvency in exchange for the few dollars of political profit they can obtain. And when the levees break, and we are left for dead, covered in the excrement of our forefathers, where will they be?

Like the residents of New Orleans, and the residents of Gaza, we have been warned.

Please take a few moments to read what a few of my Blog-brothers have written on the subject.


Friday, March 16, 2007


What can I say, "300" is the shit that killed Elvis.

(While it's difficult to say, exactly what it was that killed Elvis... you know, it was GOOD SHIT!)

I am, without a doubt, the most impressed with a film as I have ever been.

The only film that even comes close to this awesome spectacle is "Gladiator".

The violence, while extremely pretty, is never as tasteless or gruesome as say...a Tarantino picture, it's always done with a eye toward the central message of the overall picture.

And the message is crystal clear.

If you haven't seen this thing yet, then close the browser window, turn off your computer, take your car keys out of your pocket, and drive to the theatre RIGHT NOW! (Yes, Rob...I mean you too.)
The premier of "300" here in the International Zone (thanks to a thing called "Hajji-vision") also provides a wonderful opportunity to mention the work of a buddy of mine, that I am very honored to work with. His name is Jason Nichols, and he has come up with a way for military members to voice their opinion to the elected Socialists back home. He is running a website called "Appeal for Courage". It's basically a petition to allow us to continue the important work we are doing over here, with and for, the Iraqi people. While you have to be in the military to sign it, please take a few moments to read over the site, and spread the word as best you can about the effort. If you know any military members that may not have heard, please bring the website to their attention. If you feel like sending Jason a nice email, I'm sure he would appreciate it. If you (God forbid) feel like leaving either Jason or I an email that can't be characterized as "nice", then please leave a current address where you can be found.
Our friend Leonidas will be right over.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm Back! (and I'm probably going to be in trouble)

Hey Freaks,

I'm back in the desert following 15 days of wonderful, and very well deserved, leave.

Mardi Gras was weak, but the company was first rate. My little sister got herself hitched to a VERY good guy with an awesome family, I got to spend some quality time with friends and family, and I learned first hand that it's better to be at home with food poisoning, than to be healthy in Iraq. (not much better, but a little...)

I have been back for the better part of the week, and the jet-lag is just about gone. The weather here is absolutely beautiful. Springtime in Baghdad is strangely pleasant. It's been relatively quiet, as well.

Also, I would like to introduce everyone to a few very special members of my family. We don't usually get to see them all together at the same time.(parole boards being the way they are and all...) Luckily we got to get them all together, and sedated mostly, for the wedding.

I introduce to you, Lynda, Dawn, Karen, and Marlys...The Peterson Sisters!
In my defense, the odds of me not posting this are just incedible!
Sorry guys.
(I'm sure that Lynda understands.)
Hope to see everyone again real soon.