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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here's a little historical context

This is an interesting graph I picked up from my buddy Jason over at Appeal for Courage.
I've actually been meaning to put it up for weeks, but kept forgetting about it. Interesting contrast, isn't it? You would never know we were doing so well if you just took the media's word for it. What interests me the most is the decline in casualties in the second half of the Vietnam war. I need to pick up a couple history books when I get back(which gets closer every day) because the graph contradicts the preconceived notion that I had about Vietnam. Looking at that graph, and knowing that we supposedly lost in Vietnam, I have a feeling that defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory, because that's what I see in those numbers, victory. The trend in the Iraq numbers is so obvious it isn't even funny. It's a campaign that relies on the patience of the American people, not the ability of the enemy on the battlefield. The only way they can win is in the media. Of course, the media is on their side to begin with, which doesn't make thing all that fun.
Jason and I were looking for a data set with WWII casualties listed by month to include in the graph as well, but haven't had any luck. Hopefully if we keep looking we can find it. It would be interesting to see how they all compare.
If anyone can recommend a good book on the history of the Vietnamese War, I would certainly pick it up.
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Blogger Vijay Fernandez said...

I feel for you guys and your families only advice do not hesitate(shoot fast and straight)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I cannot tell your age from your site, but you are very observant. Although I was too young for the Vietnam War, I am a student of its history. In fact, I even make models of the era in 1:35th.

There was no defeat in Vietnam. Nobody can name any battle that was ever lost by the USA. The media tried to equate Khe San to Diem Bien Phu, but the USA prevailed in Khe San. If you go by total casualties, the USA lost about 58,000 men (maybe a few women), the NVA and VC was over 2.5 million. It's probably higher than that.

If you recall, Nixon bombed the North to the bargaining table in Switzerland. That was Linebacker 2 and he bombed Hanoi and Haiphong. He said, over LBJ, "I have the will in Spades." LBJ would have never had done that. Kissinger kept going over to Geneva secretly. He was taking women with him with the cover he was having affairs. He was actually negotiating the peace in Vietnam. Despite what anyone may think about Nixon, Kissinger was the man!

When the USA left in 1973, there was a cease fire. The North invaded in 1975, by then Nixon had resigned and Ford went before the Congress to ask to help. Congress said no.

We didn't lose any battle in Vietnam (at least any major ones.) We lost about 58,000 boys. And nothing to show for it. Although the loses are not as great in Afghanistan, the outcome, I fear, will be the same.

Get back safely.


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