A Naval Officer takes a long strange trip to the Desert.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Do I realy need an excuse to post this kind of stuff?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Usual Suspects.

Hey Gang,
I'm back with a nice little photo my office mates and I took this last week.
Our token Army guy is on the left. He's the cheese-ball with the rifle. It's like a security blanket that he never goes anywhere without. He's kind of like Linus...
Anyway, He's leaving in a couple weeks and heading home to his young wife. And good for him. He's been the big brain in the office for a long time, and it won't be the same without him.
Seriously, we barely pass for competent now. I try not to think of how bad my department is going to get after he leaves.
Of course, my department as it stands now consists of just him and I. And he doesn't have a replacement coming.
Do the math on that one!
I suppose I can find some way to survive...
I am in a much better mood these days. As my R&R draws closer, it becomes substantially easier to put a smile on my face. Also, I get to see all my bosses get spooled up over a re-organization that the new General decided to whip up. Bosses getting spooled up is always a source of amusement.
I came to the realization the other day that I am truly an EX-smoker. I had to walk through an unusually large cloud of cigarette smoke after lunch a couple days ago, and just about threw up. I figure that's a pretty good sign.
Also, my "Baghdad Doughnut" is sitting at 65% at the moment.


Till next time,

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Only have a minute or two...

I have been busier than usual lately, because my superiors all suck, and are going out of the their way to use me as a grief mop. You see, we've had a change of Generals, so naturally, the O-6's are loosing their freaking minds! And, also quite naturally, taking it out on me.
I've been hanging in there, after all, Mardi Gras is just a few weeks away.
I have moved into serious depression-management mode, which isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds, it just requires more afternoon naps.
Anyway, I had to force myself to get caught up on all the emails I owe to my loved ones.
(And you know who you are.)
I know I promised a cool photo in this post, but it's been more boring than usual, so I got nothing...
I can make one promise though, if Hillary happens to show up at the embassy, you won't see any pictures of it here.
Scouts honor.

Be well.